• Department of Pathology offers histopathology, cytology and hematology diagnostic
  • The department is currently headed by B. V. Sai Prasad., MD.
  • The department offers NMC recognized Under Graduate teaching and Sc nursing courses.
  • The under graduate teaching programs are being constantly updated and refresh to meet the knowledge and skills currently required in evidence based medical

Professor & HOD

(2021 – Till date to till date)

DR. B. V. SAI PRASAD (Professor & HOD) Research Projects:

Research Publications:

  1. 2015:
  • Study of various congenital anomalies in fetal and neonatal
  • Interpretation of Neoplasms of lower GI Tract – A 5 year’s research
  1. 2016:
  • A study on Distribution of various Morphological Pulmonary mass lesions using computed tomography guided fine needle aspiration
  • A cross sectional study on morphological pattern of
  • Evaluation of etiology, prevellance and prescribing patterns of drugs used in stroke patients in a south Indian government
  • Clinico pathological study of ovarian tumors – A retrospective and prospective 5 years
  • A study on incidence of Epidermal
  • A Comparative study of fluid Cytology with Smear and Cell Block 2017:
  • A study on coronary atherosclerosis – An autopsy-based
  • A study on grading and servicity of Aortic Athermatqus plagues – Autopsy based
  1. 2018:
  • Comparative analysis of Hematological parameters determined by cell- Dyn ruby automated hematology analyser and manual
  • Histopathological Evaluation and Review of cutaneous Adnexal Tumours (CATS)

– A Research Study

  • Trends in Sero prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus infection among Blood donors in a tertiary care teaching Hospital in Tirupati

Ongoing Research Projects:

  1. Sero survivalence of post covid vaccination by estimation of IgG in Health care Personal at tertiary care Medical Institute (Chittor Dt) from South
  2. Study of Serum zinc and Magnesium estimation in covid-19
  3. Histomorphological evaluation of postmortem specimens under section 174 Cr.P.C of constitution of

Events Participated/ Organized:

Participated – As Speaker at Zonal CME, NTRUHS, Vijayawada. Organized – Zonal CME, SVMC, Tirupati.

Administrative positions held:

Vice principal (Administrative) from April 2022 – June 2023.

Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
Professor and HOD
Dr. G. Neelima
Associate Professor
Dr. K. Srinivasulu
Associate Professor
Dr. P. Neeraja
Associate Professor
Dr. K. Sushma Chandulee
Associate Professor
Dr. G. Lavanya
Assistant Professor
Dr. B. Krishna Murthy
Assistant Professor
Dr. P. Sucharitha
Assistant Professor
Dr. C. Lakshmi Kalavathi
Assistant Professor
Dr. R. Swarupa Rani
Assistant Professor
Dr. P. Durga Prasad
Assistant Professor
Dr. K. Divya Teja
Assistant Professor
Dr. G. Jigeesha
Assistant Professor
Dr. K. Sunitha
Assistant Professor
Dr. M. Divya Sree
Assistant Professor
Dr. A. Madhuri
Senior Resident
Dr. B. Keerthi Niveditha
Senior Resident

Courses and Training:

Second Professional MBBS

  • courses are initiated in 2015 with 150 students later upgraded to 175 from 2020
  • Total number of passed out students-775
  • of second professional year students appearing for the university exam for academic year 2022-23 are177

Second B. Sc Nursing

  • Courses initiated in 2016 with 35 students
  • Total number of passed out students– 175 Training: Junior Residency and Senior

Hospital Services:

Diagnostic services:

  • The diagnostic operations are housed at several places like Central Lab and
  • The department offers diagnostic services to patients of ACSR Medical College and Hospital as well as other hospitals in an around Nellore.

The Diagnostic Services we offer:

  1. Histopathology – Biopsy and Medico Legal Cases
  2. Clinical Pathology and Hematology (24 hours service)
  3. Cytology – FNAC, Fluid Cytology and Pap smear

Research Publications:

  1. Retained trophoblastic tissue: A clinicopathological study
  2. Histopathological scenario of testicular lesions with few uncommon entities – 3 years study in a Tertiary care hospital
  3. Clinical and histopathological findings of ectopic pregnancy cases – A retrospective study from a tertiary care hospital, Andhra Pradesh, India
  4. A study of endometrium in Postmenopausal
  5. Generalized arterial calcification in a still born: An autopsy case report
  6. Correlation of granularity index with toxic granulation of neutrophils by manual microscopy and C-reactive protein
  7. Study of Histomorphological Lesions of Fallopian tubes
  8. Diagnostic Accuracy of Tuberculous Pleural Effusion by Combining Adenosine Deaminase Assay and Lymphocyte/ Neutrophil Ratio in Pleural Fluid
  9. An Isolated Splenic Metastasis of Melanoma which Masqueraded as a Pancreatic Pseudocyst
  10. A Clinicopathological Study of Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis
  11. Cytomorphological alterations of thyroid gland consequent upon fluorosis
  12. Crystalloids in Cytology Smears of Parotid Lesions: A Diagnostic Challenge
  13. A Study of Non-Neoplastic Lesion of Ovary
  14. A histopathological study of unusual findings in appendectomy specimens in a tertiary care hospital of Andhra Pradesh
  15. Outcome of short course chemotherapy of tuberculosis verrucosa cutis in a child – A case report
  16. A study of cervical lesions in correlation with human papillomavirus analysis by Immunohistochemical assay
  17. A study of spectrum of neoplastic and non – neoplastic lesions of salivary gland and their cytological correlation with histopathology
  18. Diagnosis of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis Combining IOSR JDMS Cytomorphology and Microbiological Methods.
  19. Cytomorphological Correlation of Lymphocytic Thyroiditis with Serological and Ultrasound
  20. Cytological study of thyroid lesions by Bethesda System
  21. Cytohistological Correlation of Cervical PAP Smears – A Two- Year Retrospective Study from Ongole, Andhra
  22. Clinicohistopathological spectrum of mucormycosis in covid–19 patients – Five months study in tertiary care
  23. A review on importance of bioactive compounds of medicinal plants in treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (special emphasis on isoquinoline alkaloids).
  24. Micronucleus Scoring in Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Breast Lesions A Retrospective Analytical
  25. Skin adnexal tumours: a clinicopathological study
  26. A Retrospective study of Haematological laboratory parameter in thrombocytopenia in tertiary care hospital
  27. Clinico-immunohistochemical analysis of ovarian tumours in a South Indian population: A single-center
  28. Pancreatobiliary versus Intestinal type of Histological Differentiation: A Comparative study with histomorphological prognostic factors in Periampullary
  29. Evaluation of Diagnostic Criteria for AFRS: A Hospital Based
  30. Role of Immuno therapy in long term management of allegie fungal Rhino sinusitis, An institutional
  31. Bacteriology of Diabetic foot ulcers with special Reference to Antibiotic Resistance in GGH,
  32. A birds Eye view of Pathologist over Diagnostic Confusion of oral cavity
  33. An insight into usefulness of anterior rhinomanometry as marker in adenoid
  34. A clinicopathological study of breast
  35. A study on histomorphological features of ovarian
  36. Accuracy of Triple Assessment in diagnosing breast cancer with histopathological


Ongoing Research Projects:

  1. A retrospective study of current trends in incidence and prognosis of breast carcinoma in Nellore, South
  2. Histomorphological evaluation of postmortem specimens under section 174 Cr.P.C of constitution of
  3. Clinical and cytological evaluation of skin and adnexal lesions – a prospective study in tertiary care
  4. A birds eye view of Pathologist over Diagnostic Confusion of oral cavity
  5. An insight into experiences of Forensic expert and Pathologist on Prostrate Degeneration with Post Mortem interval in Human